Want To Work In The Television Production Industry?

Posted by | November 20, 2013 | Film/TV/Radio

Have you ever wondered what it takes to work within the television production industry?

Below are some great articles on working in the television industry…

Want a Job in Television News? Think like an Executive Producer

If you want a job in television news, learn and listen to the experts like Doug Prusak Executive producer for Central Florida News 13.

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Zach Bubolo: Actor, Producer, and Attending Career Night! | BC Arts

Today, we’re chatting to him about breaking into TV, going commercial, and playing a baddie on GTA. Zach will be joining us for Career Night for the Arts next Thursday, Nov. 7, 7:00 – 9:00 pm, along with several other BC 

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What Being a Producer Is All About • Relate Magazine

Lynn Hendee. Continue to read on and learn more about what a producer really does, what classes should you take if you are interested in becoming a producer and what the best thing is about being a producer. L: I think the most helpful degree is Literature because the basic story of a film is what usually makes it work, but there are many degrees that can contribute to a successful producing career. A solid The media (TV, Magazines, Movies, Celebs, etc)

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