Tapping into the Hidden Job Market is a Full Time Job (Part 2)

Posted by | August 6, 2012 | Tips For Job Seekers

Access Your Current Network

Make a quick assessment of the people you know. Think of who they know. Most people land jobs through a second degree of separation – you know, such as your neighbour’s cousin who works at X company, which is one of the companies you are targeting. We often don’t realize how big our network is, or we discount many of the people in our network.

Keep this rule in mind: you don’t know who knows who. Make it clear to the people around you what kind of work you are looking for, and what kind of worker you are. Keep your LinkedIn and other social media site up-to-date, professional, and stacked with useful information about you. Attend networking meetings and events, go to industry seminars, and always keep networking cards in your wallet or purse so that when you run into the right person who can connect you, you have your contact details available to pass on.

Job Search Support Teams

Being able to have a group of people that you can connect with on a regular basis helps to create motivation and generate open discussion and brainstorming about good job searching techniques. People also tend to share job leads! There are formalized programs, often called Job Finding Clubs, that you can access. Some people prefer to join online networks, or form their own groups with people they know. Regardless of what kind of group you join, a support team while you are job searching will boost your mood and your desire to keep at it! It’s also comforting to know that someone else is facing similar struggles when it comes to job searching.

Whoever came up with the statement “Finding work is a full time job” knew what they were talking about. The effort you put into your job search will be reflective of the results.

~ Melissa Macfarlane is a Career Development Professional with Northern Lights Canada.

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