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If you are an online writer, you would have noticed that the internet and writing has changed really quickly during the past few years. In fact, the introduction of social media changed the way many writers are conducting their daily online content distribution and writing styles.

Today, social media is about writing directed content to the individual and not worrying so much about search engine algorithms or keyword strategies. Prior to the numerous social media sites, most writers spent a great deal of their time attempting to write materials that pleased Google’s indexing and robots with the hopes that what they had written would land on the 1st ranking page when a consumer typed in specific search requirement. If you were writing really great content, you expected your article to land on this page within the first three items on the page.

Social media writers have learned that in order to be a “professional” when it comes to writing this unique content, you must focus on the variety in the content than search engine etiquette. The object of any great social media writer is to create a “buzz” or starting conversations between the real people you are writing for. This requires that you to find topics that are of interest to these “real” people, and create enough excitement to make them want to share it with others.

We have all seen the pages on social media sites like “Twitter” and “Facebook” that have endless focused materials based on algorithms and search engine rankings, but if you pay really close attention to these pages, you will note they are going absolutely no where. In fact, you could say they are “drowning” in the social media ocean of personalized content. Therefore, writing for social media without understanding the format or taking the time to learn what drives it, not only wastes the writers time, but the readers too, and those readers are not likely to forgive you quickly for it, if at all.

Every social media writer has to engage the reader, so it is essential before you switch or begin a writing career in this media that you lay the ground work and have a plan in place that you understand, but that your reader never sees. What the reader should see is a vast selection of energy-driven, provocative entries that both stimulate thought and action. Social media is all about sharing thoughts, ideas, and content with other readers and/or people they connect with online through their daily lives or business relationships.

Gone are the days when you told the reader what they should think and do. Today’s readers are savvy internet surfers that know what they like, what they want, and what they believe. They want to socialize with their contacts, so a great social media writer not only maximize the content written, but must also be persuasive enough to make the reader want to share it with everyone they know online.

~ Trish MacQueen has spent 25+ years in the freelance writing and publishing industry. She is CEO of The Word Shoppe, an internet content business and Maitland River Publishing, an electronic publishing house. Trish has been published in several print and online magazines and newsletters.

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