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Posted by | August 28, 2012 | Film/TV/Radio

Q&A: Peter Morey – Producer for “The Shift” on CBC Radio 2, Mon-Fri, 1p.m. and host on CBC Radio 3

Q: How did you become involved in media?

PM: I was working as an actor in London, England and had found that the industry relied heavily on actors for commercials but not plays, movies or television. I decided that acting wasn’t for me and that I’d pursue a different avenue in media, which is when I moved to Canada and with a BA, did a post-graduate degree and began pursuing a career in Radio. Something I’d been interested in as a kid.

Q: How conscious was your decision to get into radio vs. television / film?

PM: Acting felt kind of soulless so I decided to get into a more intimate form of communication because with radio you’re speaking directly to one person.

Q: Any words of wisdom regarding which avenues are optimal in pursuing a career in media?

PM: When I came here I had no contacts so I did a condensed Radio Broadcasting program here at Humber College. I did that mostly because at the end of it you do an internship arranged by the college. The purpose of this course was to get you an entry level job at a radio station in a small town market, but I had no intention of doing that so I went for the big game at the CBC.

Q: Granted the money, time and effort invested in your degree, was it worth it?

PM: Yes it was. It gave me eight months of experience and familiarity with the way the system works in Canada. It also taught me some software and basic editing skills. And it helped me get a job at the CBC. So I would recommend the school route because it sets you up with an expectation of what you’ll get. And then do an internship. Make the best of it by finding the jobs that don’t want to be done, learn the program and systems that you’re going to use and than make yourself invaluable.

Q: What could someone do to distinguish themselves when pursuing a career in the media industry?

PM: First thing you have to do is listen, observe or use whatever it is you’re going to be working with. If it is a website, know the site, if it is a radio show, listen to that show so you know what it sounds like. I would look for someone who’s thorough, someone who’s done the research and the work. Someone who knows the format of the show, what makes a good guest, what will fit or gel well. A learned ability to know what will work is a valuable skill.

~ Lewis Spring

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