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Posted by | August 8, 2012 | Film/TV/Radio

Q&A: Jordan Nahmias – Corporate, Entertainment and Media Lawyer, Co-Director of the Open Roof Film Festival in Toronto.

Q: What inspired you to become involved in media and how did you become involved?

JN: My personality is geared towards people, entertainment, music and the arts. Growing up I played music, DJ’d, painted, and loved photography…so creativity has always been a big part of my life. My work as a lawyer focuses primarily on media and entertainment, which is how I became involved initially.

Q: How did you become involved in Open Roof?

JN: What lead me to Open Roof was a call from Sandra (Singer), my now co-director, who was looking for someone to provide legal counsel for the festival. In the first year I remained very much behind the scenes, but into the second year, my involvement ramped up to include everything from helping with film selection and musical acts to design and marketing.

Q: What channels of study or work are optimal in pursuing a media career?

JN: First thing to do is figure out what type of media you’re interested in. I am a firm believer in immersing yourself in networking situations. Formal education is important. The credentials are going to help but they’re not necessary pre-requisites to be successful in media. It’s an industry that is prone to schmoozing.

Q: How can one increase their chances of distinguishing themselves from other job applicants?

JN: Community involvement is important. If you can demonstrate that you have the ability to get involved in committees by taking on different roles and doing things without any financial reward, people appreciate that. If you can focus on these activities in your field of interest, that helps. A potential employer knows what’s on your resume, so talk about what’s not on it. Give them a picture of the kind of person you are.

Q: What are your personal aspirations media wise for the future?

JN: In regards to the festival I’d like to continue to grow and increase public awareness. We’d love to start premiering films, getting bigger musical acts, acquire more funding, build our staff and build our database.

Q: What is your favourite part about working in media?

JN: The people. You deal with people who are passionate about what they do. Also, the results are tangible. You get to see art, creation and people’s reactions to it first hand. It’s not as esoteric as a contract. It’s inspiring. It’s always the people. That’s my rule on everything.

Q: Do you have any additional career advice for individuals interested in media?

JN: Be honest with yourself… Be creative in your ideas. Don’t be afraid to suggest an idea even if you may think it’s bad. Look fear in the face. When opportunity knocks, go for it. If a company that is not your dream company wants you, and you see how that can work for you later on, go for it. Always try and reconcile your short term and long term.

To learn more about the Open Roof Festival please click here. To find out more about Jordan Nahmias click here.

~ Lewis Spring

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