Online Education: The Career Boost You’ve Been Looking For

Posted by | October 29, 2012 | Communications, Tips For Job Seekers

Times have changed and an undergraduate degree is no longer rare or elite. For most entry level jobs, the minimum education requirement is a bachelor’s degree. With the popularity of online schooling gaining momentum, there’s no reason you can’t go back to school and retrain.

A key trait employers look for is dedication to professional development and education. An investment in continuing education can demonstrate your level of engagement and your commitment to professional growth. Career-long learning is necessary for industry professionals – schooling doesn’t end the day you graduate.

The demand for online education is growing and many universities and colleges offer online programs that are tailored to everyone regardless of age. The appeal of online education is undeniable – learning at your own pace and at your desired location provides all of us with the flexibility needed in today’s fast paced society. Online learning truly fits your schedule because you go to class when and where you want to.

The world is changing faster than traditional education can evolve and having the latest industry information will make you more employable than the next person. Online education can help you catch up on current trends in a desired field and update your job knowledge. More knowledge can mean more employability.

If you have been eyeing a particular position or vying for that promotion, getting that extra “edge” can help you move forward. Some positions are unattainable without additional schooling and online learning can help you break through that glass ceiling. Education makes employees stronger and many employers now offer educational benefits for work-related courses.

Online classes are generally filled with students from different places and backgrounds which can afford endless networking opportunities. If you make the right connections and contacts, your fellow students can put you in touch with other industry professionals, help you explore other companies within the industry and help you tap into a hidden job market.

Employers are paying attention to what we know and acquiring that new knowledge and latest skills can give you that “extra appeal”. Education always strengthens a resume and continuing education with online schooling is a worthwhile investment.

~ Jennee Rasavong is an administrative professional and a freelance Writer.

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