Multimedia Resumes: The New Evolution

Posted by | August 30, 2012 | Digital Media, Tips For Job Seekers

Companies will always hire employees based on their education and experience and the purpose of a resume is to get you that interview. Personal branding are very common these days so creating an online presence for employers is a smart thing to do.

Consider creating a multimedia resume to stand out from the crowd. Video cameras and user friendly editing software are everywhere, so it’s no surprise that video resumes have become a new alternative. It’s hard to showcase personality and interest with a conventional resume. A video resume on the other hand, allows an applicant to present themselves in more than one dimension. A persuasive personal pitch can be made directly to the recruiter, since the visual presence of an applicant allows direct interaction. Create a high quality product and make sure it accurately portrays your professional experience and goals.

If online content is your niche, consider exploring VisualCV – it’s an online resume that includes all facets of a traditional resume but with add-ons like videos, images and links to your accomplishments. Presentations, links to blogs posts and even your Twitter account can be added to your digital portfolio. Charts and graphs can also be included to enhance the aesthetics!

LinkedIn has become one of the regular platforms to interact with professional contacts and companies. A LinkedIn URL offers quick, direct access to an individual’s expanding network and professional involvement. Parallel to the traditional resume format with headings such as experience, education and skills, it becomes more powerful and efficient by showing contacts, recommendations and groups all in real time. It’s a smart summary of credentials that is easy to update and share with others.

It’s well known that employers are using non-traditional ways to locate and screen applicants. The purpose of a resume is evolving with technology and now is the time to experiment with the multitude of online options for active job seekers. Although a paper resume is still the most popular format when applying for jobs, multimedia resumes are on the rise and it can help you shine a little brighter than your competitors when applying for the same job.

~ Jennee Rasavong is an administrative professional and a freelance Writer.

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