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Posted by | August 24, 2012 | Social Media, Tips For Job Seekers

The power of social media grows each day and employers are taking note. More businesses turn to social media to find and evaluate job candidates. How do you stand out from the crowd and position yourself for a job? Include social media in your current job-searching techniques! Listed below are some valuable tips on how you can use social media to your advantage when job hunting.

Manage Your Digital Presence:

Make sure you are conveying the right message about yourself. Understanding how you are perceived by others is the first step. Consider using a social media monitoring website such as Reppler. It’s a free tool that scans large networks like Facebook, Flickr and Twitter. It gives you an image score on the basis of any inappropriate content you don’t want potential employers to see. Also consider improving your profile on social sites like LinkedIn. It’s “the” place where most employers will find you and do research. Recommendations from current and former co-workers can only enhance your profile. Make sure what’s included here is how you want to present yourself.

Build Your Connections:

Don’t let your pride or embarrassment keep you from being open about your job hunt. Many people are willing to help, but you can’t be afraid to ask. Friend or follow those with common interests, participate in Twitter chats, engage in discussions on Facebook pages, join LinkedIn groups etc. Be active in sharing ideas and promoting great content! Once you make connections, let your friends and followers know you’re looking for a job and tell them what type of job you’re looking for (include titles, industries and locations). If they know you’re available, they’ll think of you when an opportunity arises.

Create Your Personal Brand:

A great way to showcase your talents to potential employers is to have a blog. Blog about the industry you’re most interested in. This will show employers that you have a genuine passion and desire to succeed in the industry. Not only will you be able to increase your digital footprint, but your blog content can also be shared throughout social networks helping you establish more online influence as well.

Find Opportunities:

Make a list of companies you would like to work for and follow their updates on Twitter and Facebook. For example, try using the Twitter search function to look for jobs by using industry hashtags. Social media gives us the chance to communicate with CEOs and industry influencers – use this to your advantage to connect and engage with them!

Finding a job is a job itself. Invest the time and effort in creating your social media presence. The more you incorporate social media in your job search tactics, the better chance you’ll have of being noticed over other candidates.

~ Jennee Rasavong is an administrative professional and a freelance Writer.

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