Finding Success in the First 30 Days

Posted by | August 14, 2013 | Tips For Job Seekers

Job searching can be a very stressful time period for many: the networking, the searching, the resume tailoring and the dreaded interview.

But what about the stress of starting a new job?

Some people flounder in those first 30 days trying to figure out what to do, who they should talk to, who they should impress, and how to fit into the company culture.  A few simple tips will help you thrive in your new job and reduce stress.

1. Establish the expectations of your role…and go a little further

Ask your new boss for a short meeting to review your position, learn the expectations of the role, and who the key people are around that you will be helping and will be helping you.  Once you have a solid understanding of what is what, look for opportunities to go just one step further.  By showing a little shine of initiative, you will impress your boss.

2. Educate yourself

What do you know about the company, the structure of the organizational chart, the product/service, the software programs they use, their competitors?  Look at different ways you can learn more about the company that hired you.  Background knowledge will come in handy one day!  Demonstrating to your boss that you are informed will go a long way.

3. Offer help to others

As the newest employee learning the ropes, you will typically have people who offer to help you out.  Whether it is figuring out the copy machine, learning their database program, or sharing with you the company’s approach to customer service, someone will likely always be around to answer your questions.  But what about everything you already know?  Being new doesn’t mean you’ve left all your knowledge and experiences behind.  When you see the opportunity to impart your wisdom with others, speak up and offer to help out.

4. Socialize with your coworkers

Without being a busybody, take the time to engage in small talk with your coworkers, show interest in them and share a few details about yourself.  If the company offers after work events, attend the occasional event to show a sense of camaraderie.  Being part of the company culture shows that you value the company and the people.

5. Seek out the successful staff

Every company has three kinds of staff: the superstars, the average worker and the ones who just squeak by.  Find out who the superstars are and figure out why they are so successful.  Every company has their own set of requirements – sometimes it is working longer hours, sometimes it is exceeding targets, sometimes it is having the smoothest relationship building skills.  Watch these people and learn from them.  Your own skills and experiences are unique and still important, but how you can build on them even further to help you become one of those top performers?  Integrate their successful patterns into your own.

The single most important thing to remember in your first 30 days is that you are there for a reason: they hired because they believed you are the best person for the job.

~ Melissa Macfarlane is a marketing and career specialist in Southern Ontario..

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