EXCLUSIVE: Q & A with CP24 Breakfast Meteorologist – Bill Coulter

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Bill Coulter, Meteorologist, CP24

Coulter joined CP24 BREAKFAST in December of 2011, after giving commuters the weather news on the popular morning show he sticks around to tell the weather story for viewers throughout the morning on CP24. Endorsed by the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society, Coulter has more than 10 years of local and national broadcast experience, and has served as Meteorologist for Global Toronto, The Weather Network and Toronto1 (now SunTV).


While weather is at the forefront of his broadcast career, Coulter’s experience includes lifestyle host of a local history and architecture program, and broadcasting live from the red carpet at the Toronto International Film Festival.



Q: What prompted you to pursue a career in Meteorology and how did this lead you
into a broadcasting career?

BC: I’ve had a passion for atmospheric science since about the age of 8 when I first
realized a winter storm forming in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies often meant
a snow day off from school in Montreal 3 days later. Watching with awe as summer
lightning and hail storms formed overhead further solidified this passion in Earth
and atmospheric sciences. Heavily involved in theatre and musical productions, I
also developed a love for performance at an early age. The marriage of performance
and science in broadcast meteorology makes it an ideal career path.

Q: Many Meteorologists use social media to connect with the general public. What
kinds of social media platforms do you use and why?

BC: I have a facebook page dedicated to meteorology and a twitter account where I update
the public with my personalized forecasts as well as atmospheric phenomenon I find
unique and interesting.

Q: What is your favourite part about working in television news?

BC: Sharing my passion as well as helping to inform and enhance the lives of CP24
viewers is very fulfilling. I also love the interactivity between the CP24 Breakfast
and news teams in the news room environment. Building relationships with the viewing
audience at community events is also something I really enjoy.

Q: Most interesting thing you’ve learned from working in the media industry?

BC: I’ve learned that you never stop learning and should never be satisfied with what
you already know. Every day is a chance to learn from your colleagues, from your
audience and through more traditional channels. Talking from the heart about what
you love and bringing integrity to everything you do will not only ensure you are
excited to come to work each day, but that what you do and share will be valuable
and valued.

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    my name is Sara and i am a grade 12 student
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    I also have a keen interest in natural disasters
    However, i have no idea what my next step is
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    I’m really confused and so i hope you have enough time to help me out (: Thankyouu

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