EXCLUSIVE: Q & A with Co- Host, CP24 BREAKFAST – Melissa Grelo

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Melissa Grelo has been a shining star with CP24 since 2006 and is the co-host of CP24 BREAKFAST with Steve Anthony. Weekdays from 5:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. they wake up the GTA with fun, informative and interactive programming.

In February 2010, Melissa co-hosted CTV’s OLYMPIC MORNING program with co-host Seamus O’Regan. Based out of Whistler, B.C they brought Canada, from “sea to sea to sea” their morning Olympic updates including exclusive interviews with Canadian medallists, their families and coaches.



Q: How did you start working in the media industry and can you give us a brief
description of a day in the life of your current profession?

MG: After leaving the teaching profession, I followed my dream and enrolled in a
post-grad Broadcast Journalism program, secured an internship at a television
station in Barrie and the rest is history! My day now starts at 3:30 am, and I’m at
the station between 4:30 and 5 am for hair, make-up, and the morning show meeting.
My co-host and I are live on the air from 6 to 9 am talking news and hot topics, and
interviewing newsmakers of all sorts. I often anchor the news as well on CP24 once
the morning show ends. Afternoons and evenings can bring events to attend and/or

Q: In your opinion, how has the advent of social media impacted the broadcasting

MG: From my perspective, social media like Facebook and especially Twitter have
radically changed news. Gathering and reporting news has gone from reporter-centered
to citizen-centered. Anyone can instantly become a news source, witnessing,
capturing and reporting news as it happens anywhere in the world. Instead of
waiting for traditional news programs to report the world’s big stories, social
media now allows for news to travel instantly. It has been a fascinating shift in
the news industry.

Q: What specific types of skills and education do individuals need to acquire in
order to start a career in the broadcasting industry?

MG: Tenacity, perseverance, a desire for accuracy, and mostly passion. News is about
reporting facts. The basis for any journalistic broadcast is relaying accurate
information. This entails knowing names, places, details, and all relevant
information to get the story out right. That also applies to grammar and spelling.
What you write is just as important as what you say. This is an extremely rewarding
industry but you have to be willing to put in the hard work, long hours, and tough
shifts to get all that you want out of it.

Q: What future trends do you see developing in broadcasting?

MG: Live, live, and more live broadcasts. Because of the immediacy of social media, news
can become out-dated very quickly. The best way to combat this is to broadcast live
as much as possible to ensure you are bringing the most up-to-the-minute information
to your viewers or listeners.

Q: What advice would you give to those interested in pursuing a career in the
Canadian television industry?

MG: Be willing to put in the time to learn the craft properly. Be a pedant about facts –
check your sources multiple times, be accurate with what you report, and make sure
you can spell and write correctly! Don’t be afraid to travel and wear as many hats
as you can. I have been a weather specialist, traffic reporter, general news
reporter, news anchor, and now morning show host. Every role has prepared me to do
what I do today with confidence.

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