Cool New Media Jobs That Didn’t Exist Before

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Technology, cultural shifts and changing demographics combine to create new careers all the time. Ten years ago “social media” was foreign and virtually non-existent. Media jobs were limited to print, radio and television but it now encompasses a new range of digital formats. With social media now playing a major factor in daily business life, the demand for new media positions is booming.

Here are the most common jobs that have evolved from social media:

Social Media Manager

Five years ago, Twitter didn’t exist and Facebook was mostly used by college students to keep in touch with friends and classmates. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn has experienced a massive surge in popularity and companies who want to harness the power of social media need an expert to create an online identity for them. Social media provides two-way communication between companies and its customers and Social Media Managers use these tools to encourage awareness, increase website traffic and create buzz.

SEO Strategist

Search engine optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a website in search engine results. It uses techniques that maximize a website’s search engine ranking. With search engines like Google constantly upgrading their ranking algorithms, technical expertise and creativity is required to develop content regularly that will land a website at the top of search engine results. A mix of technical and marketing skills is required as well as a deep understanding of search engine workings and web user interaction.

Social Media Analyst

Results can sometimes be difficult to measure when it comes to social media. A number of innovative tools have been created to empower companies to track stats like followers, click-through rates, fans, comments and traffic. Social Media Analysts measure the conversations surrounding the brand and establish metrics to determine which social media campaigns are working.


These writers specialize in stating their opinions and providing information about certain topics as well as creating reviews and stimulating online conversations. Blog posts are often created as part of an SEO strategy and are designed to attract website visitors and establish an online brand. Bloggers are critical players to community management strategies and to keep customers engaged. Traditional print journalism jobs are dwindling but bloggers are finding more opportunities for online journalism which has now become the top medium for all journalists.

Online Advertising Manager

As newspapers turn digital, so do the ads that went along with them. Print ads no longer exist alone but instead co-exist with online advertising which has capabilities that print advertising could never produce. Click tracking and steering visitors off to targeted and customized landing pages are just the beginning of what online advertising can do. Online Ad Managers may work for content niche sites, selling ad programs and strategizing with clients about how to run online campaigns. Other duties may also include running the technical aspect of the advertiser’s business and track ad performance.

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