Building A Positive Social Media Presence Is A Much Needed Job Search Tactic

Posted by | August 15, 2012 | Social Media, Tips For Job Seekers

Google yourself. You know you want to do it, even if you just did it yesterday. Find anything interesting? Chances are more than likely that employers and interested parties are Googling you too. Why wouldn’t they? In our information crazy society, we all want to know as much as we can – as quickly as we can. The 2011 Jobvite survey showed evidence that 80% employers recruit through social media – further evidence that they are looking you up.

Whether you are hot on the trail of a job search or just putting your feelers out there, having a clean, professional online presence is vital. The last thing you want is that employer you’ve been eyeing up to dig up distasteful information about you. Give them a reason to want to talk to you, not to discard you.

LinkedIn: Create an online profile for yourself that provides information that is in addition to your current resume. Don’t waste an employer’s time by listing out the same information. Good strategies include detailing your accomplishments, explaining how you worked with your team, and projects that you were included in. Utilize the Summary and Specialty sections. Build your contacts to people that are relevant to your career, education, and industry, but also branch out to others to demonstrate that you are connected in a variety of sectors.

Facebook: The ever common suggestion – make sure you use high privacy settings. Employers do not need to see a photo of you drinking on a beach in Mexico, nor do they need to see your college roommate’s recent wall posting about how he kicked your butt on a video game. Enough said.

Twitter: If you are using Twitter, create a reputable profile for yourself by posting comments that are insightful and relevant to your field. Follow companies and people who work in your field, comment on their tweets, provide links to articles, even to job postings that you uncover (of course, only the ones that you aren’t applying for!). No one wants to know what you had for breakfast or what you think about Justin Beiber’s latest mishap.

Blog: Creating a professional blog is a great platform for you to demonstrate your knowledge about the kind of work you do. If you decide to have a blog make sure that you post frequently and speak to topics that people in your field want to know about. Provide a brief bio about yourself including your employment goals and a method to contact you.

There are many other social media sites that you can utilize in your job search and networking. The important points to keep in mind are to keep it clean, keep it professional, and keep it relevant. But of course, the most important thing is be true to you. Make sure that everything you post about yourself on the internet you can back up in person.

~ Melissa Macfarlane is a Career Development Professional with Northern Lights Canada.

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