4 Reasons Why Your Social Networking is Not Working

Posted by | October 28, 2012 | Social Media, Tips For Job Seekers

It’s rare to find someone who isn’t involved in some form of social media today. Thousands of social networking accounts are created every month and it’s become a necessary tool that can help you with your job search. New networkers become easily frustrated because it doesn’t seem to be working for them – they’ve built their profiles, but no offers or opportunities come their way. Social networking may seem simple but it requires some finesse in order to command attention. Below are some suggestions on why your social networking skills may not be working for you.

You’re only in broadcast mode.

You’re all about your own service or product and not enough about the people you can meet and make genuine connections with. You message other members only to communicate your own agenda, needs and wants, not to create conversation or dialogue. Remember that social networking is meant to be social – it’s for making connections, being friendly and building relationships. You wouldn’t attend a networking event with only your agenda on the table so the same approach should be taken with social media. Be prepared with your own list of names, colleagues and contact info and see who you can help. Exceptional networkers pay it forward.

Your message lacks clarity.

People want to know who you are, what you do and what you love. The starting point of your social network should be based on honesty and clarity. Let people know what you are doing. Whether you are trying to solve a problem, discovering a new you or branching out on your own business venture, attracting the right people with the right resources can never happen unless you communicate what you want to achieve. Make it easy for people to understand your message.

Your presence is sporadic.

In order to make social media work, you need to integrate it properly with your other key tasks. Checking into your social media networks once in a blue moon won’t work – from your contacts’ point of view you’re not holding up your end of the conversation. If you check your email consistently, your social media networks should get the same attention.

You don’t have anything interesting to say.

The online world moves at super speed and information travels fast. Are you still talking about last year’s trends with no new insights? Be able to provide new content and links to your network. You want to make people want to connect with you on a regular basis, so show your personal brand to capture attention. You don’t have to create everything from scratch but be able to provide more than rehashed content – staying on top of your industry has never been more important.

~ Jennee Rasavong is an administrative professional and a freelance Writer.

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